Improve Construction Time and Costs

Variable material costs, skilled labor shortages, tight timelines, safety concerns: there’s no shortage of challenges in construction. BOLTT can help General Contractors minimize the risks of interior construction while creating quality spaces that achieve your clients’ goals.

Limited Cost Increases for Materials

The construction industry is experiencing significant increases in material costs, creating challenges for projects with extended timelines. BOLTT has the ability to hold pricing, providing cost certainty for all project stakeholders.

Reduced Skilled Labor Requirements

DIRTT solutions require less on-site skilled labor, allowing flexibility for construction managers to allocate manpower across multiple projects.

BOLTT is a Subcontractor

BOLTT works with you as a partner, not a competitor. Your BOLTT team will be with you during every stage of the construction process. We are a part of your team.

BOLTT Can Build Fast

BOLTT can build fast without compromising quality. DIRTT’s Interior elements are manufactured to precise specifications in a factory environment, while the construction project progresses on-site. With BOLTT your project will be on time, on budget, and on target.