Helping General Contractors Build Business

Forget movable. Forget demountable. Think prefab. Think Lean Construction. DIRTT offers interior build-outs with the same speed and certainty as exterior prefabricated construction. DIRTT brings the customization of performance, dimensions and aesthetics along with speed and certainty.

BOLTT is a local subcontractor to the General Contractor, and it’s the savvy General Contractor that harnesses the many benefits of DIRTT for the client and the GC’s own bottom – and top – lines.

Five Ways BOLTT Helps General Contractors Build Business


WIth BOLTT, the construction schedule is compressed. Factory assembly runs simultaneously without relying on several trades finishing before work can begin. With DIRTT, you can save general condition costs through the speed of schedule. DIRTT installs an average of 1 linear foot per man-hour – complete with finishes and integrated power/data/technology. Punch Lists are completed faster. Instead of gathering several trades to come back and fix deficiencies, just one needs to return. Walls are installed without tiles for easy access by inspectors and electrical trades.


Your BOLTT team will be with you during every stage of the construction process. DIRTT is designed, built and installed to fit the building precisely. The BOLTT team considers their scope within the bigger project. ICEvision® provides an interactive, accurate 3D flythrough of space for all stakeholders to see and understand the entire build-out. BOLTT is on the ground able to answer questions, find solutions and interact with the General Contractor team whenever necessary. The entire BOLTT team, including Product Development, is available to come up with unique solutions to challenges before, during and after the project is complete.


BOLTT holds to the price quote and provides a 10 year warranty on projects. The BOLTT team is continually available to the General Contractor even after the project is finished.


Prefabrication means everything is pre-cut and built offsite to exacting standards – reducing waste and on-site complexities. Shorter schedule and fewer trades on-site means less energy use.


Save coordination time during construction and have potential to allocate funds elsewhere. Use ICE technology to market to clients. On typical projects you can differentiate your bid with a more aggressive schedule without lowering price or quality, while providing better operational costs to the client.

Build Better with BOLTT

Variable material costs. A tight skilled labor pool. Safety concerns. Schedule demands. There’s no shortage of challenges in construction. With DIRTT’s full solution, BOLTT helps you minimize the risks of interior construction while creating quality spaces that achieve your clients’ goals.