How DIRTT Prefabrication Impacts Healthcare Construction Timelines and Budgets

Fast, Efficient Construction

Leveraging DIRTT multi-trade, prefabricated construction can significantly reduce construction timelines and get you seeing patient’s – and revenue – sooner. Multi trade prefab construction leverages using the controlled environment of advanced manufacturing – meaning less on site labor, streamlined processes, and the efficiencies of a multi-trade approach. How do you capitalize? Scalable schedule compression and labor efficiency across an entire healthcare system.  That’s the power of DIRTT.

Quick & Clean Renovations

Living through a renovation project in healthcare spaces presents unique challenges – This is where the DIRTT process delivers.  DIRTT’s advanced manufacturing facilities produce the prefab interiors on a parallel path with the base building work – this means less downtime, less uncaptured revenue, and a cleaner construction site.  Reduce dust, debris, noise and on site labor – ensuring the least impact on patients.

Prefab Means Easy Maintenance and Flexibility

Maintenance made easy, DIRTT construction is flexible and accessible – reducing renovations costs and schedules throughout the building lifecycle.

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Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute Case Study

    See how DIRTT achieved budget, schedule, and durability goals at the Kansas City Orthopedic Institute.

BOLTT - Your Partner in Healthcare Construction

Working with BOLTT shortens your construction schedule which means seeing patients, and revenue, sooner. Your spaces will be ready to adapt to whatever the future brings. Downtime for maintenance is shortened from days to minutes. Focused on process changes that result in reduced construction schedules, DIRTT’s approach provides significant time savings which allows your healthcare space to start accepting patients much quicker.