Best in Class Medical Gas Application with DIRTT Flex Med Gas

When you combine DIRTT Flex Med Gas with DIRTT prefabricated headwall construction, work becomes smarter and more accessible. This combination allows for easy accessibility to cavities in the headwall while also giving you the ability to adapt, change, upgrade, repair, and maintain the med gas infrastructure with ease.

Acuity Adaptable - Future Ready

Easily expand your med gas system without system interruption or re-certification. Single and Multi-Port Risers, or consolidation points, can be specified with additional ports, making you ready for future needs of your space. This allows for patient rooms that can ‘flex up’ and be acuity adaptable in a matter of hours with less disruption to patient care and less re-investment.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Keep work flowing efficiently, even when maintenance is required. With DIRTT Flex Med Gas NFPA 99 certified system, you don’t have to shut down an entire zone valve box to get the job done. Simply shutting down a single outlet is all you need to make repairs and improvements. In addition, there is no re-certification required after making repairs.

Be set for years to come with DIRTT Flex Med Gas’ 20 year life span on single and multi-port risers, and a 25 year life span on flex gas components. 

Live Design & Rendering

     Design your DIRTT space with ICE technology.

BOLTT - Your Partner in Healthcare Construction

Instead of shutting down an entire corridor for med gas repairs that might take weeks to complete, DIRTT construction allows for repairs and maintenance of medical gases to happen fast. So fast, it can be completed while a patient is out of their room getting an x-ray or participating in rehab.