DIRTT Leaf Walls

Add Flexibility and Adaptability to Any Space

Innovation, flexibility and sustainability have always been at DIRTT’s core. From revolutionary design and manufacturing software to our interior construction solutions, everything DIRTT develops and builds must meet these three core requirements. DIRTT Leaf Walls allow any space to be innovative and flexible to fit evolving needs.


Adapt to Change

Businesses are fluid, and the needs of tomorrow can look much different than they do today. Leaf isn’t just an accessory; it turns your space into a powerful tool. No matter the situation, Leaf is going to be able to help you adapt. The only thing that’s certain is change. Leaf walls were designed to help embrace change and make the most out of it.

Do More With Your Existing Space

DIRTT Leaf Walls allow you to do more with your space without completely demoing the space. Leaf is built using typical DIRTT wall frames and panels. This means you can repurpose existing walls using a simple kit that converts a solid wall into a Leaf wall. All you need to add is a structural support system, which DIRTT can help design and install. 

See the Possibilities

Each day in the office poses different projects, meetings, and challenges. DIRTT Leaf walls can transform a large open room into whatever the office needs in a matter of seconds. Whether that is a need for multiple meeting rooms, a full-size boardroom, or a presentation area, DIRTT Leaf walls allow for seamless transitions to fit your needs. With this level of functionality, you don’t have to compromise aesthetics. Leaf Walls are aesthetically pleasing, blending into the design on any space while still making a statement.


Compatible with solid, glass, and stacked walls in standard and custom finishes, DIRTT Leaf walls offer endless design possibilities to meet your aesthetic needs. When the wall is closed, it blends seamlessly with its surroundings as a traditional wall. When open, the wall disappears – including no floor track – enabling truly open spaces.

Build Better with BOLTT

When you’re investing in a new space for your team members, it’s a big deal. Your environment needs to support your culture and different ways of working while offering flexibility as your company evolves. BOLTT gives you peace of mind during your building project while positioning your organization for future success.