Build Better for Heathcare

DIRTT is a building process powered by technology and advanced manufacturing. Walls, doors, casework, integrated technology, power, networks and medical gas are all rapidly designed and built with extreme precision in DIRTT factories. Then, they’re shipped to site for a clean installation.

The Prefabrication Process in Healthcare

Healthcare design and construction require both precision and a sense of urgency. The faster your space is online, the sooner you can start delivering patient care. BOLTT combines the latest in technology with advanced manufacturing. The results are precise, the quality is consistent, and the process is efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

The Benefits of Building with DIRTT

From Big Idea to Built

When it comes to healthcare interiors, effective functionality and flow are critical. BOLTT’s use of ICE® technology means your user groups can experience your space in 3D before construction begins. The outcome is a facility that meets your requirements an supports your operations.

On Time, On Budget, On Target

BOLTT improves safety, speeds up construction, and builds future-ready spaces. What you see is actually what you get. Design decisions can be made right up to the last possible minute without hurting budget or schedule and maintenance is simplified, reducing downtime from days to minutes.  With DIRTT’s customized prefab, components act like building blocks, making it easy to configure your space to balance patient and medical needs.

Keeping it Clean - and Green

By reducing construction waste, BOLTT’s quick and clean process addresses sustainability priorities while reducing the complexities that accompany renovations to operational facilities. Your materials arrive finished and ready for rapid installation by DIRTT-certified teams.

DIRTT + Healthcare

DIRTT has completed more than 2,800 healthcare projects for more than 1,500 clients. Projects range from hospitals and surgery centers to medical clinics and hospice care.

BOLTT - Your Partner in Healthcare Construction

The work that takes place in healthcare facilities is critical, commendable, and calls for a higher standard of surroundings. BOLTT supports all your healthcare space needs, creating adaptable environments that improve the patient, family, and caregiver experience.